Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alex & The New Edition

First post here, took me long enough!

Alex is doing great. He's finally getting the fourth bottom tooth so he won't look lopsided anymore. He now goes "Vroom Vroom!" when running toy cars on any surface. He points to food/drink and then to his mouth when he wants something. He plays peekaboo with both his hands or a piece of cloth/blanket. He still takes a bottle 3 times a day during nap/bedtime. He's also started needing to be rocked again for bedtime. Not really sure what that is all about. While I do enjoy rocking him a little bit, it can be exhausting having to stay in there until he is solidly out. I tried to do CIO last night but after 15 minutes I couldn't take it and just let him get up. He was then up til 9:30. When was his last nap, you may ask? He woke up from it at 2. Seven freaking hours of non-stop baby, the last few hours a very cranky baby. We did try to get him to take a nap before my parents came over but he was not having any of that.

I know my title sounds and awful lot like a band name. I assure you, it is not. It's this, and no I don't know why it's sideways:

That's right folks! A new baby is on the way. I'm about 5 weeks along right now and feeling decent. Exhausted and mild nausea seem to be it at the moment in the symptom department, though I am sure that in a week or so that will change. The EDD (estimated due date for those not in on the lingo) is April 18th, 2010. And because I will be doing a repeat c-section at 39 weeks, the birth date for this kiddo will be April 12th, 2010. That is, of course, assuming I don't go into labor earlier than that on my own. I still don't have a doctor picked out since I will not be going with my former doctor but I intend on having that sorted here sometime this week or next.

I did like my doctor but I had a few qualms with her after Alex was born. Issue number one was when, while laying my hospital bed a day or so after having him, she told me that she knew two weeks prior that I would end up with a c-section. Why? Don't know. Was too shocked to ask. Why the hell did she make me go through the pain I did if she KNEW I would need to have the c-section? Again, no idea. Issue two was that I felt I got more out of the one visit with her male counterpart than any of the visits with her. I can't have a male ob/gyn. Personal choice. But he was awesome that one time I saw him.

So Bubba is going to be a big brother. He's got on idea what's going on right now but I hope he will be a good big brother to this little bean. I am hoping that it's another boy, but will love it just the same if it turns out to be a little girl. I've already got 5 full names for either gender. Of course, Sal didn't help with any of them really, so I am patiently waiting for him to get on the ball and come up with a list. There has to be some ideas up in that noggin of his.